Data Degaussers

Manual Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degaussers

Flatbed, manually operated hard drive degaussers, lelivering powerful yet economical erasure of hard direves, back-up tapes and other magnetic media.

Automatic Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degaussers

State-of-the-art, pulse discharge degaussers delivering easy to operate, automatic erasure of all typed of hard drives and an arry of back-up tapes and other magnetic tape. Fitted with Data Destruction Auditor/Report Writer-providing tangible evidence of effective erasure.

NSA, CESG & NATO Hard Drive & Backup Tape Degaussers

When the highest level of data erasure is required, look no further than VS Security Products government approved degausser. We offer solutions to fit any budget: From the most highly-rated US NSA-approved degausser on the market to the more cost effective manual solution with UK CEGG approval.

Manual Tape Degaussers

Our Flatbed, manually operated, tape degausser series are our most economical and are perfect for those seeking complete erasure of small volumes of audio, video or data tapes, cassettes and reels.

Conveyor Tape Degaussers

Conveyor degaussers transport up to 1500 media tapes, catridges and cassettes per hour though their magnetic fields for complete erasure. Fitting neatly onto virtually and table-top, our conveyor degaussers offer effortless erasure.

Hard Drive & Solid State Drive Destroyer

For physical, tangible destruction of hard disk drives and solid state drives look no further than the Crunch 250