HCT-T120 Automatic Labeling Machine For Film Membrane

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Automatic Labeling Machine For Film Membrane


Mobile phone film, liquid crystal display film, cards, and other sheets.

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Product Feature:

  • Clamping type conveyor belt, solved the protective film coil itself deformation defects, and position their products effectively, make more accurate labeling.
  • Labels receiving sysytem can be adjustable, tidy and convenient for next process.
  • This machine can be connected die cutting machine or card distribute machine (optional). card distribute machine adopts vacuum suction cover material, material distributing of high efficiency, no scratching.
  • Ribbon code printing system can be installed on the machine to print date and other related information synchronously.


  • Max Label width: 80mm
  • Products Diameter:
    • Length: 60mm-250mm
    • Width: 60mm-300mm
  • Max Labeling speed: 150-350pcs /min
  • Accuracy of labeling:±1mm
  • Power: 220V/110V 50/60Hz 900W
  • Machine Dimension: 1900mm x 1000mm x 1700 mm

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