Labeling Machines

These machines are widely used in cosmetics, pharmaceutical, medical, food industry, bottling, Ziploc bags, and more which can improve productivity and product quality

Automatic Flat and Small Box Labelers

These systems will apply labels to a wide variety of products at up to 15,000 pieces per hour. These machines can label and optionally print any product with a flat surface. Cards, bags, plastic, cardboard, and more!

Automatic Bottle, jars and Tube Labelers

1. Supports a variety of shapes and sizes 2. Screw adjustment to suppress body movements accurately 3. Synchronization ensures smooth and precise calibration labeling 4. Pneumatic coding system prints the batch number and expiry

Semi-Automatic Bottle, Jars and Tube Labelers

Fully automated Labeler | Highly accurate positioning | Adjustable for most MMC | Tabletop unit | Compact and transportable

Label Dispenser

Electronic controlling system and easy operation. 2. Dispensing & peeling labels automatically printing date on the bottle at the same time 3. After peeling off one label, the next one will be sent out automatically 4. Small labels can collaborate many lines into one in order to peel off in once