Semi-automatic heat seal cellophane overwrapping machine SEMI-10

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The SEMI 10 is a semi-automatic heat seal cellophane overwrapping machine that works with pre-cut sheet film, and with limited investment.

The SEMI 10 uses pre-cut cellophane sheets and is easy to operate, and designed for small batches. It is a single-phase electronics system, The flexibility of SEMI-10 makes it easy to wrap small and large pack sizes, and has accessories to create the right solution for any packaging problem. Optional accessory features are Cosmetic/Perfume quality SPOT/BAR side-seal.

With a PLC control system, HMI, servo-driven film feed system, simple change parts design all combine to offer a worry-free system.

PRODUCT OPTIONS: Change part molds Price $300.00 per set
Item Specification
Model SEMI 10
Capacity 5-15 packs/min
Packing Size L: 50-250mm W: 40-150mm H: 25-90mm*
Voltage 220 V 60HZ
Consumption 1.5kw
Compressed air 0.4 Mpa

*Modifications in one dimension may limit the size range in the other dimensions or affect the machine capacity.

Standard Features include:

  • * *Manual Trailing edge sealing
  • * *Automatic Folding and Sealing
  • * *Pneumatic auxiliary system
  • * *Standard side-seal
  • * *Large pack size range
  • * *Fast format changeover
  • * *High reliable mechanical driven system

Optional Features include:

  • * * Cosmetic quality SPOT/BAR side-seal
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