Wrapping Machines

Wrapping machine is widely used in pipelining work for large quantity package with high work efficiency, installed with pin hole device, adjustable film feeding system and adjustable conveying table, meeting different requirements for different products and it has a kissing device for packing the small products.

Automatic Wrapping Machines

It allows the user maximum control with sealing temperature being electronically controlled and adjustable. For safety, the unit will stop automatically in the event of a jam. This protects the system and the cases.

Manual Wrapping Machines

This machine allows you to save time, because of a higher throughput. All you need to do is make the first seal, put the case in the carriage and move it inside. That's it! 1. One machine wraps all! Wraps CD, DVD cases. 2. Uses film in a roll, about 1.0¢ to wrap one case, compared to 3.0 cents per case with the pre-cut sheets. 3. Higher throughput: up to 300 cases per hour!

Semi Automatic Wrapping Machines

It provides a high quality wrap for small batches or series at a limited investment. The result is a professionally folded and sealed CD or DVD or BD case suitable for even the best retail presentations and all this for a fraction of the cost of outsourcing.

Shrink Wrapping Machine

Suitable for large quantity shrink wrapping industries such as software, foodstuff, cosmetics, printing, pharmacy, flooring, ceramics, beverage and beer etc. 1. Adopts heat resistant alloy cutter plated Teflon, results in good sealing, without melting the film and any smoke pollution. 2. Assembles one horizontal and one erect sensor for the entrance to the sealer it is easy to switch over ,even for some thin products, it is also easy to pack them. 3. The length of film feeding, controll